Top 5 CCTV DVRs in 2016

The CCTV Digital Video Recorders have revolutionized the security systems of many medium and large business and home premises.

Many companies have manufactured state of the art surveillance systems which will easily suit each and every person security needs. The following are the best DVRs in the market today.

The following are the features you should look out for when buying a CCTV DVR in 2016

  • Should have high image resolutions capability.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Large internal memory
  • Pocket friendly as well as easy playback for both captured images and videos.

1. SRN-4000 CCTV Recorder

This DVR has a maximum 64 channels which makes it the best preferred choice in large business premises. Each and every channel is alarm enabled hence making it easy for you to know the origin of the alarm in case of any intruder.

SRN-4000 CCTV Recorder

The 64 channel are high definition network cameras which can easily be adjusted to suit any form of light be it daytime or night time. The cameras also have the capabilities of recording speeds of up to 400MBPS.

This is a great feature as it will enable you to view each and every motion picture recorded. Pictures captured can be inform of either MPEG-4 or MJPEG hence making it easy for you to decode the images captured.


2. Q-See QT5682-8E3-1

It’s a surveillance security system with a capable 8 channel system. Each system is fitted with 8 high resolution cameras which are weatherproof in nature. The cameras also come with a resolution of 960H with a capability of recording both daytime and night time at distances of 100 feet.

The surveillance system has internet connectivity capability which easily enables you to view your premises online with a Smartphone as well as stream live video to a PC, android phone, MAC, and an iPhone.

3. Zmodo Security Camera System

This is a 4 channel security surveillance system with a capability of capturing 720P HD images. It easily works hand in hand with a Smartphone hence giving the user the freedom to view any movement in their premises.

Zmodo Security Camera System

You can easily use it in both indoor and outdoor premises due to its weatherproof capability and also due to its single network cable which directly helps in connecting its cameras to NVR mandated with supplying power and video.

4. Orion 8 Channel CCTV DVR

It’s an 8 channel DVR surveillance camera from Orion. Each and every channel supports 8 different high definition cameras hence making it a preferred choice to small business and homestead premises.

Orion 8 Channel CCTV DVR

It has a 960H resolution which happens to be the latest HD resolution for high quality images. Also, it’s fully compatible with both mobile and internet viewing hence enabling you to view and playback images from your Smartphone from any part of the world.

An easy and friendly Graphical User Interface enables you to easy set and use the system with no difficulties. The system has a 2TB HDD which ensure a large storage of all the images captured.

5. Samsung SDS-P5101N DVR Security System

Samsung SDS-P5101NThis security system has a capability of serving 16 channels and has 10 weather resistant cameras on its platform hence recommendable in 2016 for house premises as well as business ones.

It’s fitted with a 1TB internal storage capable of storing images and footages is readily available with compression technology which means that you can easily maximize its hard drive to accommodate more images and footages since it converts videos to a H.264 format.

Let’s Compare Best 5 CCTV DVR Recorders of 2016

For effective video surveillance system, a top quality CCTV DVR is the best addition to your home or office CCTV system to ensures quality video surveillance system with adequate playback and storage. A large choice of CCTV DVRs may be found on a number of online stores and merchants.

This review will guide you through your choice by helping you make an informed decision in your CCTV DVR model choice. We will talk of the top three brands which provide compatibility with different CCTV cameras and controllers.

With considerations of your budget and quality needs, here are some of the top options to choose from:

Samsung CCTV DVRs

Samsung CCTV DVRsSamsung being the industry leader in digital video recorders, CCTV controllers and CCTV cameras design and manufacture, it offers DVRs of 4-channel, 8-channel, and 16-channel models that are good for both for home and business needs.

These DVRs are integrated with smartphone integration enabling you to monitor and control the system by means of any iOS phone or an Android.


  • Samsung DVRs come with common connection ports, in particular a VGA a BNC connector with spot monitor, Ethernet port, as well as two USB ports.
  • Products can be selected according to their recording rates and resolution options, bandwidth control.
  • More than one user may control the system remotely, with range of protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, and DHCP). Samsung DVRs allow USB and DVD writer backup.

Samsung SDE-3004N

Samsung SDE-3004NSome of the remarkable models that are also budget friendly, include SDE-3004N (4-channel and 500 GB storage, weatherproof night vision cameras up to 50 feet, 480 TV lines), SDS-P3040N (500 GB storage, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows remote viewing compatibility, with H.264 compression to maximize storage).

Before choosing, make sure that the model is compatible with the components of your current CCTV system, PTZ cameras and controllers.


Another good brand for CCTV DVRs is Robox. Their CCTV DVRs are of standard 4, 8, and 16 channel configurations. Hard drive capacities range from 500BGB and up to 3TB. Many renowned businesses like Marriott, KFC, have chosen to work with Robox DVRs, as they place high reliance on its durability and affordable prices.


  • Most of the models offer high-resolution BNC/VGA outputs, advanced recording modes,.
  • High resolution of recording and friendly and easy-to-use interface.
  • Easy to maintain and low-noise, and requires almost no maintenance due to absence of fans inside.
  • Information from Robox DVRs may be backed up on USB or external DVDs.

Among the brand’s top products is Robox Barracuda, a top model, featuring H264 compression and mobile support, and configure as internet compatible.

Guardian CCTV DVRs

Another budget and quality option is Guardian CCTV DVRs ranging 4-channel up to 16-channel models. Among the standard features are remote viewing through a network, compatibility between the DVR and mobile phones, as well as remotely or USB based backup options.


  • Offering composite, VGA/HDMI outputs, these models have higher versatility.
  • Video viewing is enabled on quad, individual, 9-way, 16-way cameras in full screen.
  • Guardian DVRs may be set to record alarm inputs such as motion detection, or may be set on timer, and configurations may differ from channel to channel at your discretion.
  • Extra benefits include watermarking option and multi-level protection by password.

Consider also Zmodo, Lorex, Q-see powerful 8-channel or 16-channel models which are good both for business and for home use, provide automatic rotation and mobile compatibility for ease of use.

What is CCTV Camera? – Comparison to IP Camera

The word CCTV is short for Closed Circuit Television, so when the phrase was coined, it was to differentiate a “closed system”, from broadcast television, which at the time consisted almost entirely of more than-the-air and cable systems.

cctvToday, there’s plenty of debate in the security surveillance industry over whether “CCTV” is still applicable to lots of the newer technologies used, particularly IP and wireless systems.

However, I believe the basic definition – a closed SYSTEM vs. an open or “broadcast” system – still applies regardless of what technology or combination of technologies are used to capture, store, and review an image.

what is cctv camera
what is cctv camera

The CIRCUIT, the bond between camera and recorder/monitor, continues to be a direct and customarily un-intercepted path, instead of a broadcast signal where image is simply blasted out far and wide for anyone to receive.

Whether the transmission technique is SDI over twisted pair, IP over WiFi, or NTSC over coax, the reasoning is the same. So in direct answer to the question: CCTV cameras are any which send their signal for an intended recipient using a closed, non-broadcast path.

How CCTV works

There are many different kinds of CCTV systems available? analog and wired, wireless and digital? along with their modes of operation vary; however, the basic components will be in essence the identical:

  • a CCTV camera
  • a CCTV camera lens
  • a CCTV monitor
  • cables that carry the signal in one spot to another. (for wired systems)

CCTV cameras work effectively in small facilities because of their limited resolution. You can find number camera home security systems around us that may been seen placed in different places. There are three key components to your CCTV system: the digital camera, the monitor and the hard disk drive that records the images.

Difference between CCTV and IP Camera

Although CCTV is used to reference video surveillance and video security cameras in general, it actually describes analog security cameras which transmit an analog TV signal. In order to be connected to a DVR for recording or a monitor for viewing images, this type of camera uses coax cable and requires a BNC connection.

cctv camera ip camera

An IP camera uses an Ethernet cable and transmits an electronic digital signal. This sort of camera can be simply networked and may send a transmission to some network video recorder (NVR) found on a local or remote network.

Each type of camera type has its own cons and pros, but in the main video surveillance is moving over to IP cameras, particularly for business use. They are becoming more popular for home use, as their cost comes down.

Best Q-See, Zmodo and Samsung CCTV DVRs Compared

You never know when a burglar may come to your house and the general need to feel secure at all times has increased the demand for CCTV DVR surveillance systems.

With the modern developments in recording capability, many people wonder why most security cameras record in poor resolution. It all comes down to your Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which is the most important component in the system. With all the different manufacturers of security systems, three companies stand out as the best. Q-See, Zmodo and Samsung.

Q-See QT5680-8E4-1

That is not a name you run into every day. This security system has one of the best DVRs ever. It has a 1 TB hard drive to store your recordings and is equipped with a powerful processor. Unlike some systems whose video feed lags behind for a few seconds, this one does not.

The best part about it is that it is completely wired. Yes, that’s a good thing because wireless systems usually have signal interference issues or even worse, someone might hack into the system.


You get 8 weather proof and night vision cameras that offer quality recording. Most customers were pleased with its real-time capability and the software was easy to use.

Zmodo PKD-DK4216 500GB CCTV DVR

Zmodo PKD-DK4216With this system, I would say the cameras are the best feature. You get 4 weather proof cameras with infrared and motion detectors. This means you don’t have to manually rotate the cameras to get a wider field of view. When the camera detects movement, it will rotate all by itself.

Video quality is not that good because you only have 500GB of storage in the hard drive. You may need some help with installation and it has complicated software that needs some time to get used to you are assured good value for your money.

Samsung SDH-P5080 16 Channel

If you are willing to invest in your security, then this is the right cctv dvr for you. Of all the three, this one has the best video quality at a staggering 720p. You get 4 HD cameras with night vision and a DVR with 1 TB of storage space. The system comes with its own monitor which is optional because you can choose to link it up to your TV. Apart from the price, people love it.

Samsung SDH-P5080

All these systems have corresponding iOS and Android apps that can offer live streaming on your phone or tablet if you are away.

Tips : Balancing between FPS and storage space

If all your cameras are recording at 30 frames per second, which is the normal rate for hand held cameras, you will have quality recording but you may run out of storage space faster than you think.

For example, if your cameras record at the highest resolution available, then 1 camera will need over 1 TB of storage to record for 24 hrs. And that’s just one camera. That is why most manufacturers prefer to use lower resolution so as to conserve storage space.

With what is currently available in the market, you can’t have the best of both worlds. There is no way you can have the best quality video and store up to 1 week of video unless you have 500TB lying around.

Before Buying CCTV DVR System – 4 Checklists

Today’s CCTV DVR technology offers more sophisticated surveilling capability. The cameras have adequate capabilities of recording, monitoring, and reviewing activities outside and inside your property.

However, the task of selecting the right DVR can be quite intimidating. With so many CCTV DVR products available, understanding exactly what you need might be confusing. Some DVRs may seem almost similar by physical appearance, but they are absolutely different.

cctv dvr 16channel

Your decision should specifically focus on the level of investment you need to make. For that matter, an entry level unit or a high end unit can help you achieve your targets. Regardless of whether you are new to CCTV or you want to improve an existing system, considering the following four (4) major specifications to help you get the right CCTV DVR.

1. Resolution

Resolution is the image size being displayed by a CCTV DVR. Currently, the highest resolution display in an impartial DVR is D1 (720 x 480). However, CIF (360 x 240) is the most common resolution in DVR industry.


There are other resolutions such 4CIF image, which has 4 times resolution of a CIF image. Therefore, a good DVR should have a high resolution to give more detailed image. A high end unit is the best since it can record both 4CIF and D1 resolution in 30 frames per second on every channel.

2. Storage Capacity

Storage capacity of a DVR is an essential feature to put into consideration. Lower end units can only allow 1 to 2 hard drives, while high end units allow 6 to 8 hard drives.

Most advanced units allow redundant storage (RAID) configuration, as well as, FTP uploads. FTP uploads allow the DVR to back up video to an off FTP server. This is a vital tool since property owner can retrieve a video in a case where even the DVR was stolen.

3. Frame rate

DVR Frame Rate is the number of frames recorded per second at a given resolution. Real time is well thought-out to be 30 frames in every second. Recording a real time video on 16 channels you need a DVR that can record 480 frames in a single second. Therefore, a high end unit is most preferably since it can record 30 frames per second on each channel.

4. Compression

The purpose of compression is to conserve storage space after a video has been transmitted to the DVR. In addition, compressed video enhances straightforward viewing through the internet.cctv dvr price

Compression varies from one method to the other, with the highest compression being H.264. MJPEG method involves almost no compression, but MPEG4 has a high compression almost next to H.264. Therefore, H.264 is highly efficient for both internet streaming and storage conservation.

The above discussed specifications are useful to any business owner or home owner when buying CCTV DVR. Since you have some light about major specifications to consider before buying a DVR, let’s look at three models best suitable for both homes and business premises;

Zmodo 8 Channel Security CCTV Surveillance DVR System

This CCTV DVR has long time recording and it’s based on H.264 compression. It has capabilities of maximizing hard drive’s recording time, and provides internet video streaming.

Zmodo cctv dvr

The user can access the live video footage directly from a mobile phone, iPhone, or PC anytime. It has advanced motion detection, and can support maximum of 8-security camera ensuring all your property is monitored.

However, it requires some technical know-how. The user must be well conversant with computer and networking to be able to make use of it. But most security operators who handle these security appliances must be qualified enough. Therefore, I recommend this DVR to any user with valuable property that requires efficient monitoring.

16 CH Security CCTV DVR System Powered by Dell

16 CH CCTV DVR System by DellThis DVR has a complete 8 security camera system with all things available needed to set up a video surveillance. It comes with everything needed so that the user can have easy time for installation. It has 420 line resolution color system features.

There is a choice of using weather proof bullet styles or dome, providing the right system application. There is also room for adding a monitor to complete security system according to user’s choice.

It is an advanced CCTV DVR with 120 frames per second recording. Users find this DVR quite reliable since it has a high frame rate and high capacity storage of 160 GB. However, the monitor is not included in the package, it’s sold separately. It’s a great purchase since the user can as well add up to 16 security cameras.

Q-See QT5682-1 8 Channel 960H

This DVR records in 960H resolution and real time D1 resolution, with an eight channel unit. It provides wide image that gives more details, but retaining the aspect ratio so that it can fit into most widescreen TVs and monitors.

Q-See QT5682-1It’s one of the best CCTV DVR systems that record all what a user expects at home or at the back area of the business. It is has high capability of manning the entire property; both back and front areas.

Users like this 8-channel DVR product because it keeps one connected; enhancing comfort and flexibility as far as security solutions are concerned. This is achieved through its premium remote monitoring features that keep property owners connected anytime, anywhere.

One can receive email alerts accompanied with event snapshots whenever motion is detected, or when there is shortage of storage space in the hard drive. It is a great purchase since it can record simultaneously, back up video, and watch video.